Geosun LiDAR and RS2 RINEXIssues

I recently purchased a geosun lidar unit. The sales rep stated that another customer tried to use the RINEX from their RS2 for ppk processing of the lidar data and had issues. He mentioned that the lidar software doesn’t like the F9P module. Has anyone in here had success in using the RS2 and Geosun unit? If not, are you able to share with me what the issues are and maybe the Emlid team can assist in fixing the issues?

What geosun model you have?

I have the GS-100C coming next week.

We have mid 40, and i can use it with rs 2 as base, BUT the processing trajectory we dont use geosun software (shutle) but using rtklib (emlid rrklib).
But i dont know if this can be done on GS-100C

Any chance you have written instructions on how to do it with rtklib (emlid rrklib)?

I am preparing right now and soon will upload to this forum

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Thank you very much. I really appreciate that.

Hi @Seth.Z,

Reach RS2 provides raw data logs in the industry-standard RINEX format. We’ve never tested GeoSun devices, so I can’t be 100% sure. However, there should be no issues with using 3rd-party apps for processing if they support logs in RINEX.

If you specify more certain requirements for your software, I’ll be able to give more specific comments on it.

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I’m going to see if I can get the sales rep to come in and detail what is going on.

Any luck on the instructions?

@Seth.Z could you give your email? This is the first time i need to send file on community

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STEP BY STEP PROCESSING LIDAR trajectory with emlid studio and RS 2 Base.pdf (4.7 MB)

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i got one excel file to send you but the system doesn’t allowed me

Private message sent with my email.

Hi @Seth.Z,

I just read your initial post once again and have some thoughts. Probably, you can integrate Reach and LiDAR using the time marks recording feature. In that case, you won’t need to do additional steps to process the data in 3rd-party software. All processing can be done in Emlid Studio.

If you have time marks in raw data logs, you’ll also get coordinates for them in the separate *_events.pos file, as a result.

Did you consider such an option?

Possibly but it may be above my abilities. I’m going to try a test using the straight rinex file also and see what it does.

Hi @Seth.Z,

I got you. Thanks for clarifying.

Still, let me know if I can be of any assistance.

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