Georefrence based on time in CSV spreadsheet

This may not be the correct topic to post this, but I think it’s the most applicable since the function is almost identical to image geotagging.

I am attempting to georeference timestamed lines of a CSV using the position output from post-processed rover data. In function this would be very similar to geotagging images, but instead each item is a line in a CSV file.

It would be great if Emlid Studio could do this, but if there is another method others are using to accomplish this, I’d be very interested in hearing ideas.

The application is to post-process sensor data that is logged separately using GPS timestamps, but has unprocessed location data. This process would replace the unprocessed positions from the sensor, with the post-processed Emlid rover positions.


Hi @survey, If you have CSV files as points collected with Emlid Flow from the rover, you can use the Stop and Go method in Emlid Studio.

Could you share more about the sensor tool? Understanding it would help determine if this method works with your needs.