Georeferencing PPK images

Hi, everybody.

I’ve been using the m+ and m2 receivers on my drones for some time now and the results are excellent.
I really have a workflow that works for me but I would like to improve it.

Once I get my “events” file I have to import it to excel and clean the information not relevant for Pix4d or Agisoft software. Exporting finally as a CSV only with the latitude/longitude/height data of each image.

Is there any way to enter those data in the Exif of the images? I know Geosetter, but it doesn’t save me time.

Do you know if Emlid is working on any RTKPOST implementation to geotag images? Or if there is a tool like what I need but that is more agile than Geosetter?

All answers are welcome!

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How many images are you processing? I can run 1000 in less than 10 minutes on Geosetter and there is no need for the Excel file.

You might also look at EZSurv, but it is not cheap.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, what format do you use to import the data into Geosetter?

GPX events from RTKPOST. It will default to the full track so you have to go select the events POS file before exporting.

Hi @alzabale,

We’ve recently released the guide about geotagging photos with GeoSetter :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you please compare your workflow with the described?


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Hi guys!

No need for 3d-party apps anymore. We now have Emlid Studio with a native geotagging support. Check out this guide to learn more.