Geomax Xpad survey for Android

I can now confirm that Geomax Xpad survey for Android works like a charm with Reach RS.
I connect it to Reach RS with BT and connects the Reach RS to my phones wifi hotspot to get Ntrip cors.
It gives the same readings as a new Trimble unit but takes a bit longer to get a fix.
So if you want a real survey grade data collector you can use Geomax Xpad.


I would like to take the survey. How can I do that?

How much does this software cost?

just in time, the application was freshly installed on my android, could you explain step by step to make it working?

more than a Reach RS by the looks:
Our Price: £850.00

Mapit GIS works well with reach using bluetooth and has a beer money price tag for all the options, connects to the TruPulse Laser Rangefinder too!

I am not associated with Mapit GIS, just think that ot is the best software for mobile field data collection when linked with Reach. Irecord my ‘track’ on my reach and my points of interest on my tablet.

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Hi Pinch

Was the emlid devise listed in xpad when you set up a profile?


Hi Jina,

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I assume that Reach works with XPad as a generic NMEA device. The receiver transmits its position in NMEA format via Bluetooth, and XPad reads it. You can check our guide on how to get Reach coordinates on Android via Bluetooth.

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