GeoJSON/DXF point limits?

Is there a recommended limit for the number of points to import on a GeoJSON or DXF file?

I have some design files that I want to stake out, but even paired down to a 1m grid, there is 98,000 points.
When I uploaded the 2mb file and tried to load it into the project, nothing worked after that point.

I had to reboot the RS+ and delete the project file before I could do anything else with the rover.

Maybe its more related to hardware. What device? Even the new iPads and like have issues when crunching to many characters. Did you let it sit for a long time?

You can share the file if you like and I’ll try it on mine.

This is the file.

I was using an iPad mini, it sat for quite a while. After it crashed however, I was unable to connect to the RS+ again until it was rebooted, and it would lock up trying to open the project file.

At the moment, it’s quite a lot of points for ReachView.
However, workflow with a big amount of points will be fixed in one of the next ReachView versions.
Now I can only recommend trying to split your project into parts.


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