Geoid required

Hi there

When i create a new project on the webpage and try to open the project in the app I get the following error:

“Geoid required
The additional files required for the project has been deleted or corrupted.
Download the files again to interact with the project”

Theres a download button to download 0 bytes, but nothing happens when prressing it.

If i create the project in the app, there’s no problem opening it or import/export from the webpage.

I just updated my receiver to the newest firmware, but the problem is till there.

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Hey Morten,

Thanks for letting us know!

Could you please give us some more context:

  1. What is the coordinate system and vertical datum you use for your projects?
  2. Do you use Android or iOS?
  3. What is the version of the app?

Hi Andrei

1: I am using ETRS89 / UTM Zone 32N - DVR90

2: Android

3: the appversion is 9.1

Thanks for the info!

Please, try updating the app to the latest version (10.3). There were updates regarding the DVR90 vertical datum, which now uses the 2023 version of the geoid file.

After that, both web and mobile apps will start using the same geoid version and there won’t be problems with projects created on the web app.

Let us know if that helped!


Thank you.

No problems now