Geoid instead of ellipsoid

I have been using a projection which works well in the xy but not in the z! The projection uses an ellipsoid rather than a geoid. Can I create a new projection that references a certain geoid rather than the elliosoid?

Hi @kencormier.nsls, When setting up the project, you have the option to select which geoid type you want to use in the vertical datum section. Which specific geoid type would you like to use?

Hi there: I think I found the geoid that I need. If it doesn’t work out I will reach out to you. Thanks

The geoid I want to use is CGG2013n83a.byn, which I can’t upload here due to its file type. I need to have access to this geoid in Emlid Flow. Can you please help. Thanks

Please ignore previous post!! I have the correct geoid for my area!!