GEOID files in AutoCAD etc?

Does AutoCAD Map 3D, Civil 3D support GEOID files for displaying orthometric heights? Or must specialized survey software be strictly used in order to do so? i.e. MicroSurvey CAD, inCAD, Carlson Survey, Trimble Business Center, Traverse PC, etc? (forgot about QGIS)

Seems in order to properly design from the start using coordinate systems and orthometric heights, the software would need to be able to support BOTH, not just horizontal?


The geoid orthometric heights are determined during PP, not in CAD. It’s up to the user to determine what system the PP stations are in. There’s no need for any coordinate translation in CAD if the points have been PP in a certain system.

Just import the points and you are in whatever system it’s PP in. Just make note in the CAD file what system you’re in for others down the line.

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The only things to adjust in Civil 3D if you are in the US is the geodetic coordinates basis whether it be WGS84 or NAD83, the SPCS zone you are in and the scale factor if one is required. There’s no reason for GEOIDs as lie @EBE111057 said that the points should have the correct elevation when they come in. You’re not going to convert from Ellipsoid to Orthometric in AutoCAD.


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