Geodetic Antenna for Reach M2

i saw someone posted geodetic antenna that can be use on reach m2 module, that particular antenna is Harxon GPS500. and someone from emlid said the following requirements on choosing antenna for M2 are

  1. Antenna output current no more 100mA
  2. Antenna DC bias no more than 3.3V

however, someone posted success on using Harxon GPS500 which has 3.3v to 12v DC.

Im new to this, and need your advice.

what is the difference Antenna DC bias and Operation Voltage?

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what does DC bias means? it is defer from DC Operation Voltages i cant find DC bias on GPS500 Specifications

I use the gps500 antennas for my M2ā€™s, great antenna, all constellations.

Make sure you have a good power source, i.e. 5v 2amp

sir, i have seen many antennas has thesame specifications with gps500, mostly made in china. like TOPGNSS and BEITAN, do you think i will work on my M2.?

Iā€™d stick with a name brand, you get what you pay for

thank you sir. where did get your antenna sir? can you send me link?

hi there, can you say something about this electrical specification of this antenna? im planing to buy one

Hi Joseph,

Antenna DC bias is the interval of voltages that the antenna can operate with. Antenna Operation Voltage is the particular voltage used by this antenna during operation.

Reach M2 can supply up to 3.3V of voltage to the antenna, so according to these datasheets, both antenna should work fine.

thank you


Harxon D-Helix 600A and
Harxon GPS 1000

work very well with Reach M2.

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