GE links not working on RTK POST

hello, newbie so this could be a silly question, but i have managed to do a test and get it into RTK post but none of the Google earth features will work, is there something i need to do?:

I think Google have changed their API, and RTKLib/Emlid haven’t followed suit.

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OK thank you. can you recommend a another way to get my plot into google earth at all please?

You can export to a gpx file as far as I remember. And maybe Google earth can view the .pos files directly.

Great, thanks for your Help. Hopefully Someone from Emlid will advice about the API :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @malcolmdavidge,

This function does not work due to the Google terms of use.
You can use the desktop Google Earth version to visualize your result.
Also, you can use GIS software fot that.


whats the best format to load to GE please? .GPX is making trouble for me

You can use KML.

ok thanks - i was trying to do it from RTKPLOT not POST so it was a bit of wasted time!

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