GCS/Mission Planner Connection

I have been able to connect to Mission Planner quite easily on my workbench. Please forgive me if what I am about to ask is stupid or illogical. I have had minimal Linux or RP experience (although I code for a living). How does one use wifi out in the field to connect to Navio? Do I have use a hotspot on my phone, set up the Navio to use my hotspot by editing the config file, and then edit the Arduplane config files to direct telemetry to my mobile device. That seems such a lot of work. And it has to be undone when I get back home!

I have used conventional autpilots with ESP8266 cards configured as DHCP servers so my laptop/mobile connects via wifi. This is much easier so why not the same approach here? Am I missing something? Or what is the best way to connect via wifi in the field when you are far away from home wifi (short of using Sic radios or Dragonlink V3, both of which I have).

I have looked at your documentation and I do not see this referenced.

You can put multiple wifi configs (home and smartphone hotspot) into wpa-supplicant. Then change wpa-conf to wpa-roam in /etc/network/interfaces. Now your Rpi will automatically connect to any configured available network.
Now change the telemetry options to -A udp:“homewifigcsIP”:14550 and -C udp:“smartphoneIP”:14550.
Now it should work at home or out at the field and you have nothing to change everytime.
You could also use tcp at home like this:
-A tcp:
This tells Ardupilot to listen for incoming connections on any network device it has.
So you can use the telemetry connection from any device in the same network as the Rpi.
Out at the field you can still use the faster udp connection configured with telemetry option -C.

Great – I knew there must have been an answer. Not being a Raspberry Pi networking person it was not obvious — this is as close to a Raspberry ‘Pi’ not made with pastry and raspberries that I have come.

This must be so common that it is likely worth adding it to the documentation.

I clearly need to spend a little more time in the Raspberry Pi forums as some of this is probably quite general stuff.

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