GCPs coordinate system and geoid

Not sure where to put this in the forum but I received these questions from our data engineering and was wondering if someone could provide insight here? Thank you!

  1. Look for options in settings for setting the coordinate system that the GCP’s are captured in
    1. Look for options in the settings for the GEOID that the GCP’s are captured/processed in

Hi Thomas,

You can set the coordinate system and geoid in ReachView 3. You can check our guide to learn which coordinate systems and vertical datums are supported by the app.


Similar topic. In ReachView 3 app, when creating a new survey project, the default coordinate system is “Global CS”. Is “Global CS” the same as WGS_1984 EPSG:4326?

Hi Chris,

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The rover’s coordinates always depend on the base datum. If it’s in WGS1984, the rover will have non-projected geographic coordinates in WGS1984. For instance, if the base datum is in NAD83, the rover’s coordinates will be in NAD83.

Simply speaking, the Global CS option is applied when you don’t need to convert geographic coordinates into the local projected ones. But they will be in the same datum as the base is.