GCP Position Collecting - Correct way?

I am trying to get position information for GCP’s I am using in a project. Here is what I have
Reach RS - Two units, one for Base the other for Rover.
I want to manually enter the Base position (into the Base). Have the Base sit for an hour take the RINEX logs and run them with some CORS data using RTK Tools. Once I get the coordinates from RTK Plot, I will put them into the Base.

I think I have the Base setup correctly, I can see it is connected to the Rover (LoRa) and the static Base location is in the Status screen of the Rover.

I setup a Survey (in the Rover) and select ‘Fix’, when I add a point, and hit collect, I never get the countdown, I only get ‘waiting on FIX’ (bar is red).

If someone has documented the type of use case I have that would be GREAT. I am thinking I am missing something simple in my setup. I have read through some of the posts that have similar setups, and tried some of those settings with no luck.

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Harvey,

Make sure Reach RS rover has a fixed solution when collecting the points.
The countdown never starts because some conditions of the auto-save rule are not met.

Hello Dmitriy,

 Thanks for the response. I will check the rover.


I have the same concern, I am new to this and since I have the base on a known brand, I place the base and manually assign the coordinate … according to the tutorial the data is immediate by placing the base in this mode, but when downloading the files that I have collected I do not know if these are compensated with the base height like the rover … or if I in a GIS I must subtract these heights … ah also that is another question although there is a field where the height of the base is placed, is there also a field for the height of the rover?

When entering manual base position, you have to add the height of the pole you use. The rover does not really need to know base’s pole height at all.

gracias por su respuesta, me he elaborado un flujo de trabajo, quisiera saber si estoy en lo correcto o estoy obviando o haciendo un paso mal… ¿podrías chequearlo?. Gracias nuevamenteGUIA-PARA-EL-MANEJO-DE-EMLID-REACH.pdf (929.3 KB)

That seems ok. The satellite reception levels ore too low in the document, though.

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