GCP measurement and RMS


I please need your help

I still cannot understand well the RMS.
In my opinion it’s giving too low values and not real.
It’s improbable to have precision about few millimetres like shown in the attached files.
I attached you the screenshot with the GCP taken from reach view survey and post processed.

As you can see, both of them have 0,0001 accuracy which or I cannot understand the kind of measure or they are wrong.
Please help me to understand better because every time I take a point I’m not quite sure about their accuracy. If you see something wrong in my setup, please tell me the right procedure.

Thank you
Kind regards,
Davide Marchesini

RMS(E) values are not proportional to the actual relative accuracy between the data points. This obviously will affect the absolute global accuracy as well. If someone else comes in behind you and establishes their own base point you will see conflicting information, but hopefully it will be within an acceptable tolerance.

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I also want to add that the “Lateral RMS” value you see in the CSV file is the root mean square of RMSE values of the north and east axis.

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