Gauss Kruger zone 2 projection

Dear people, in the near future I am delivering several land surveying projects in Germany, my basic gear are the Phantom 4 RTK and the EMlid RS2. The projects have to be delivered in the Gauss Kruger zone 2 DHHN projection and I am using Pix4D to process the data. I can find the DHDN / 3-degree Gauss-Kruger zone 2 EPSG 31466 in the settings, however, I need to project the DHHN for the z-value. Does anyone know which settings I should use for this projection?

Hi Remco,

As I know, you can use only a global geoid model in Pix4D, not the local ones. But it should be possible to use GCPs with the DHHN2016 heights to obtain accurate results. I’d suggest reaching out to Pix4D support – I believe they can share more details about the workflow.

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