Gaps in the raw data logs FW 26 M2

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Hi @tatiana.andreeva

The units M2 with Blanks in the log record.!An2p4XX_P07WoJFI21wUfsI1_BCF3w?e=iQLVJF

FW 26 Static Observation SNR 35 Elevation 15 Degree

Hi @m.rocha,

Thanks for the report!

Please specify what update rate is set on your GNSS settings while recording the logs. It’ll help me to see if there are any issues with it.

Hi @polina.buriak,

Static Observation
SNR 35
Elevation 15 Degree
All constelation recording

Base mode OFF
Receving or Sending correction OFF

Hi @m.rocha,

Thanks for sharing the details!

It’d be great if you could run the additional test for us. Please record the raw data log with the Raw data debug option enabled. You can turn it on in the Settings section.

This option allows us to record more data about the state of the calculation process. This way. we’ll be able to find the reason for the gaps.

Hi @polina.buriak,

I am generating the log right now, would you like an ideal observation period/time?

Hi @m.rocha,

I’ve received your data, thanks! For now, we don’t need any specific time periods for the logging. We’ll check what reasons can cause such behavior and I’ll get back.

Just wanted to follow up here. Currently, it’s hard to understand what could be causing this issue. We’re trying to reproduce this issue but have been unable to do it so far.

So we’re investigating the possible trigger for such behavior. We’ll be in touch once there any updates.

Hey there,

Let me briefly comment here. This issue should be fixed in Reach Firmware 26.2. Please update the receiver and check if it resolves the issue for you.

As always, the full list of fixes and improvements is available in our community forum thread.

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