Gap in recorded data. Why?


Does anybody know why a reach M+ would stop recording data for about 45 seconds while flying?

This has never happened before. I’m quite sure this is not a loose antenna cable, or power-off, as data recording re-commences again with exactly the same amount of satellites, all at once. No startup or re-acquisition.

My student had no data at all some weeks ago. Interestingly the survey file is existing but there is no raw data (only two files with some seconds during the complete survey.).

I also wondered whether the antenna cable was loose or there was a power loss but the survey file is there with all points and with coordinates.

At the time of flight, how full was the Reach’s flash storage?

0.7GB used out of 5GB

Well, that certainly isn’t the problem then…

If is was one continuous log file with a gap, then I think the next thing to do would be to analyze the UBX and see if there is corrupt data in the gap or no data. This is probably a task for Emlid.

Hi @wsurvey,

Please share with us the following files:

  • UBX raw data log
  • LLH position log (if recorded)
  • Full system report

Hi Tatiana, message sent.

Hi @wsurvey,

Thank you!

We’ll check this and I’ll get back to you.

Hi @wsurvey,

We’ve checked the data and didn’t find any clues on why this may happen. We also weren’t able to reproduce it on the latest dev ReachView version, I’m afraid.

Were you able to replicate the issue? If yes, how often does it occur?

Hi Tatiana,

It has not happened before or since.

Hi @wsurvey,

Please let us know if this happens again.

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