Gap in Reach M+ v2.22.4 observations

We are watching new problems in the versions 2.22.x every day.
Our today problem is observation saving with gap(1-20 seconds) as well as unnecessary timeMark saving at the start of observations!
By this gap, only RTKLIB could make PPK and save events good and others sotfware like MagnetTools and Trimble Business Center (TBC) could not accept this file as a kinematic file with Events.

Some of my customers are using 2.22.4 and some are using 2.16 and 2.18. In old versions i never seen this problem, If this problem is solved in newer versions,

I’m afraid to tell them to do a new update for this post!))

Sample with gap in observations by 2.22.4 by Reach M+

Reach M UBX data with gap in (9.5 MB)

Any news on the issue?

Hi @SkyMAP.Innovator.LLC,

Do I understand correctly that the files in the Good folder that you shared are from the v2.18.1 firmware version? Could you please upload photos of your hardware setup so that we could take a closer look at it?

It’d also be great if you could upload the Full System Report from the rover. Please, share it with me in private messages as it might contain sensitive information.

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