Funky problem. Only fix north of base station..?

Ok, so i thought i had it nailed one day but that was a fluke i guess.
Then i saw sat map in post and discovered all satellite south of my VRS base is not visible. Hmm…
In this setup i use a provider via ntrip with a vrs base real close to where i start up my reach. Like 1-2m away from where i stand and i can see that every sat is not visible south of the base station. What the hexxx is going on here?

Edit: didn`t mension that there is a clear sky view south with no obstacles.
Edit 2: itis suposed to be alot of sat south of me but no one is showing up.
Edit: 3 Those yellow/orange sats in the upper picture is acutally green, is just posted the wrong picture
edit 4: One beer to many, sry.

Any idè anyone? i have no clue where to begin

Here is rtknav from the same log. showing all satellites south of base. strange

Sry, it seems that rtklib did play me around.
rtkplot reciver position was set to lat/long and not singel solution. :flushed: