Fully Autonomous Medicine Transport Drone

I am currently working on a fully Autonomous Drone which transports mainly Medicines or also other things, this comes that I have to do a Year Project at School and I can decide what I want to do.
I started this Project without any previous knowledge on the topics but since drones are the future I wanted to learn something about them, while making a cool Project.
The Drone is a X-Quadcopter with 3D Printed Parts and Aluminium rods to connect them.
I am using the following parts:

Rotors are made by a local shop

Sonar Sensors:

The Raspberry Pi 4 and the Navio 2

Normally I could use the digital UART Ports to modify them to connect all sensors but this doesn’t work since the EMLID Raspbian is not the Native one and all GPIO Ports are in Usage. Does anybody know how I can connect those sensors to the Navio 2 ?
And secondly do you know how to connect this HolyBro Telemetry Set to the Navio 2?
I will post the 3D Models at a later time when I have figured out how to upload them.

With KV800 motors, 4S battery is better.

I needed to watch the size of the Middle Part and the weight but thank you

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