Full Navio Weight with accessories

Does anyone happen to have the full weight of the navio+ as well the accessories like the GPS unit, power module, etc.

Navio+ board with metal stand-offs (could reduce a bit with plastic stand-offs) = 33g:

Navio+ GPS antenna = 31g:

USB WiFi dongle with high-gain antenna = 21g:

Raspberry Pi 2 with full/3 heat sinks = 49g:

Raspberry Pi camera = 3g:

I don’t have the Emlid power module but it is probably similar to the Pixhawk module at ~g:

But personally I would recommend a full PDB and BEC combo as that saves a lot of other weight.

This one is good when you need an APM PDB with both 12v and 5v BECs at 12g:


But this one is better (smaller and lighter) if a 12v BEC and not so high an output is not required (many FPV cameras and LEDs take direct 3S-4S battery input now) = 6g:


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Emlid power module 26g:

Navio 2 + fixings 32g:

Navio 2 motherboard only 24g:

GPS antenna (as supplied with Navio 2) 31g (appears same as Navio+):

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