FS fly sky model n:FS-R9b receiver and PPM decoder


I have a NavIo+, a Channel FlySky FS - TH9X 2.4G 9 Channel Transmitter and a FS fly sky model n:FS-R9b receiver.
The receiver has no ppm output (?).
I read in the navio+ documentation that i need PPM decoder or SBUS to PPM converter.
Is there someone with example on how to set this configuration?


Hey @Tore_Gard you will need to use a PPM encoder module… I have a similar transmitter and receiver (Turnigy 9X)…
Here is the PPM encoder I’m currently using.


After more document reading on the older Navio version,
I understod what I needed…It was well documented with pictures…

I have order a 8 Kanal PPM Encoder from 3DR http://www.uav-store.de/zubehör/#cc-m-product-8683189993.

Hopefully this also will work…


Hi again!

How do you feed the receiver with power?
My PPM encoder has 8 contacts gong to the reciever. The first contact is marked ‘1’ and has a red, white and black wire. Contacts 2-7 has only a white wire (signal).
Shall I put the red + and black wire from the contact ‘1’ into the receiver power input?


I read some place else in the forum that I can not power the receiver from navio+…?

Just connect it to PPM like this pic

The power rail will power the receiver… Also you can use a bec.
For more info

Hmm…after this experiment the Navio+ senors seems to stop working. Do not manage to connect apm planner any more…

Im using flysky ia6 reciever it doesn’t seem to have ppm output what type of ppm encoder would you suggest that I use

I successfully purchased from Germany a 8 Kanal PPM Encoder neue Version des 8 Kanal PPM Encoders .


You could use the FS-IA6B receiver which does have PPM output.