Fried Pi, Navio2 ok?

I just managed to somehow fry the arm chip on my Pi by messing around with a minimosd and the uart…

My questions are:
What’s the chance I also fried the Navio2? (Don’t have spare Pi to test)
Just to be sure, are the uart pin layout the same as on Navio1?


Hi Jacob,

It is hard to tell, but Navio is reasonably robust so it should have survived. The UART layout is the same.

Minim OSD has 5V Level on UART, the Raspberry has 3.3V level. Be careful when you mix microcontrollers that have 5V levels (generally most atmel based microcontrollers) and ARM based microcontrollers. If it fried because of that there shouldnt be too much problems if the Navio can handle 5V level on UART.