Ciao which frequenz I can use in Italia
Because I can set the rover in 9.11 bit I can’t to the same number in the base why
The connection fell if I go far away more the 1 km

Hi @ingcolonna,

The available air data rates depend on the number of RTCM3 messages enabled and their frequencies chosen. Please check that:

If the 9.11 air data rate is unavailable, please share screenshots from the Base mode and LoRa tabs.

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Ciao compliment you are beautiful and you resolve the problem one kiss from Fabio Italy
If you come in Italy for vacation or work let me know ciao

For the Bella ksenila
After I finish collection the points
I pushed the wrong bottom I delete the project
How can I find it in the rover or base
Thanks professional girl

Hi @ingcolonna,

You can restore the accidentally deleted project in the Recently deleted folder. All deleted projects are stored there for 30 days. To find the folder, scroll to the bottom of the ReachView 3 Survey tab.

Ciao why if I go far away with my rover from my base the connection with Lora fell
Why not more far then 1,5 km why I set the base e rover like the video
Call me please +39 3458515569

Hi @ingcolonna,

LoRa radio performance highly depends on environmental conditions. Is there a line of sight between your base and rover? The maximum baseline can significantly drop if some obstacles affect the radio signal transmission.

Hi @ingcolonna,

How are your tests going? You can share a photo of environmental conditions with me to check what can be wrong.

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