Frequency What fits the built-in EMlid RS + antenna?

I am not familiar with the frequency problem, I usually use the default setting …
whether the settings on my device are suitable and suitable for the default antenna emlid?

with a setting like this, sometimes the maximum distance is only 500 or 600 meters

if more than that it is usually very fixed, and sometimes the fix is suddenly single

Hi @echoxs,

LoRa frequency shouldn’t affect its maximum distance. Could you describe your environmental conditions? Do you work in an urban area?

Is there any chance you have Base corrections logs recorded with different frequencies? If there are indeed some issues, we’d like to investigate and fix that.

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most of us are in the countryside …
Our concerns will always arise for coconut plantation locations

To make it easier for fixes to occur in topographic survey data collections, we take a safe way by multiplying the bases with a distance of 500m between bases.

we are also not sure whether the antenna is functioning properly due to limited equipment (such as a SWR meter)
it could also be that something is detached on the antenna part due to frequent use / disconnect attachments

At the start of the tool we used and before the firmware upgrade, with the same terrain, 1.5 km, the fix was very fast

Probably because I set the wrong settings:

  1. Sattelite settings
  2. Frequency setting
    3.physical of the antenna I might need to replace (I’m still having trouble testing it)

Hi @echoxs,

For now, it seems like the 920.0 MHz frequency is just busy in your area. Probably, someone else uses it, and it interferes with Reach LoRa. That’s why the maximum baseline is very short.

However, if you face issues with a Fix and baseline on other frequencies, please let me know. To investigate that, I will need raw data, base corrections, and position logs recorded when the issue occurs.

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