France - vertical-datum | UPDATE RASPM2018

Hi everyone,

I work in Saint Pierre et Miquelon and i have to do a survey with RS2 but i have a problem with Datum Vertical.

I’m connect with NTRIP (RGSPM06) but i have not the most recently datum vertical : RASPM2018

Is it possible to import this datum vertical in the list ?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Alex,

Welcome to our community forum!

Thank you for sharing the data. There’s no option of adding datum manually. But I’ll pass your request to the team and keep you updated about it.

Hi Kirill,

Thanks for your welcome ! I stay in touch about my request. Hope to see this datum as soon as possible !

Thanks again !

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Hello Kirill

I was able to solve my problem by creating my own coordinate system where I was able to find my famous RASPM2018 which was well in the vertical datum.

Thanks again for your help and congratulations on your Reach!


Hi Alex,

Yes, that should work! However, we got an update from the team: vertical datum Danger 1950 height uses RASPM2018 geoid. So, you can just choose Danger 1950 height (EPSG:5792) as a vertical datum from the list.

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