Fr Sky D8R II Plus receiver on Navio

Hey! i wanna use to D8R II PLUS on Navio. Both have a PPM signal but i don’t the pin out to connect to Navio PPM pin. do i need start some script to recognize PPM signal?


You simply connect PPM output of receiver to PPM input on Navio+. APM will decode PPM automatically, no need to start any scripts. We also have an example how to decode PPM.

On FrSky D8R II PLUS there are 8 pinout with GND, VCC & Signal. Do youu know in which D8R Pin i must to connect the cable to Navio PPM?, I think that D8R on PPM FS mode, transmit on all signal pinout , Right? the voltage on signal pins are 0.30 V / 0.25 V …

D8R II PLUS does not have PPM output, but you can reflash it as shown here and then use with Navio+.

Would be better to use D8R-XP?

Yes, or any other receiver listed here

Thanks, i will change it for new one with PPM.

What is a good transmitter for a 8R-XP?

There are many option :smile: The most popular would be Taranis.

I got a DR8 -XP Receiver, i connected it to navio PPM pin and I can’t calibrate with Mission planner 9xr Turnigy, Do i need run any script on navio to detect ppm signal?


If you are running APM, there is nothing else needed to decode PPM. Are you sure that you have power on receiver? Is it binded? Do you have a jumper to switch it to PPM output?

Ciao Carlo,

did you shortcut CH3-CH4?

I own a D4R-II (it should be called D4R-XP if the frsky nomenclature were consistent) and it works flawless.


Jumper in on 3 & 4 pin right?

connect with a jumper CH3 signal pin with CH4 signal pin.

ok, now t is working, next step, to calibrate RC :slight_smile:


I’m new to building UAVs and I have a question. I have a FrSky D8R-XP and Navio+. What kind of connecting wires or cables do I use to connect the receiver to navio+? Can I just assemble the wires on my own?

@Andre you can use a standard servo cable to connect the RC receiver to Navio+.

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@mikhailavkhimenia Thanks for the reply. I have more questions.

Will the D8R-XP’s PPM output be transmitted through standard servo cables? Can the same type of cable be used as jumpers for channels 3 and 4?

You will need a 3 pole female to female servo cable, to connect your receiver to the Navio+.
There should be a jumper provided with the receiver.
At least they are always provided with the D4R-II receivers I bought.
You can also use a single female to female servo wire to connect the signal pins of ch3 and ch4.

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