FPV Transmitter

I have my navio2 on my Raspberry Pi 3B+ and I am looking to output the Pi Camera video feed to a video transmitter that will be received by an RX plugged into my laptop via USB. My question is: Does the Navio2 have a VTX or Video Out? If not, I know that the RPi has 3.5mm jack, so how would I connect the yellow/black/red wires of the video transmitter to that jack?

Hi Jon,

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Navio2 doesn’t have VTX or Video Out.

I can’t be much of a help with FPV hardware integration, but I’d recommend checking this guide in ArduPilot docs first.

You can also connect the Raspberry Pi Camera Module to the RPi board directly and configure the platform you want to stream FPV to. Please check the Video streaming guide for more detail.

Thank you for your response.

I concluded that I will just get a TRRS jack and solder the wires from the video transmitter to it, and then plug that into the RPi 3.5mm A/V output jack. This won’t be HD video but it seems like the option for minimal latency, which is my preference.

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