Foxtech MAP-01 Time marks > pictures

lanzo, is there a link or anything about this online, i have a Map-01 from before that date and wasn’t aware, due to weather and time, i’ve not tested it yet

Fergal: Only by e-mail with the support

Hi, Everyone
This is Carrie from Foxtech.

Regarding the Map 01 made before 20-9-2018 feedback issue, Foxtech provides recall and free hot shoe upgrades. Please email to: if this service needed.

Thank you for the support and understanding.

Best Regards

Carrie you should improve the pwm input too, the camera needs 1 second long impulse to shoot a picture, I had to fly inwind and I lost a lot of pictures at 22 m/s on the ground and 300 high, I don’t know how you do low survey on urban areas like I see on your videos.
Thank you

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