Forgot my password on Reach RS2+

Hi, I’m a new user of reach RS2+. I’ve manage to create my account on the RS2+ and started the process.
The unit is now displaying a wifi network under my name ReachTARIK68:1C:42
The problem is that when trying to continue the process today, I can’t remember my password and can’t connect to the device.
The wifi light on the unit is white
The network light on the unit is blue
Fully charge

Can someone give me a tip, how to get this fixed ?

Thanks in advance

Probably easiest to just reflash it.

Thanks for the help, it’s much appreciated. The problem was just resolved by entering the default password. It worked. Nevertheless, I need ot get more familiar with the tool, I will look into the option of reflashing in case it’s needed.
Thanks a lot for the help ! Have a great day


Hi there,

We were in touch with Tarik via email, and the default password helped to resolve it.