I have two Emlid Reach RS units that have been virtually unused. I purchased these units in December 2017 as I had plans to start up a drone based survey business. It never panned out, so now I am selling these units.

Also have a 3DR radio, the board that came with the original mapping kit etc. Also a GPS antenna, and bracket that I had 3D printed for the Inspire 2, plus the Simon Allen trigger circuit board.

Will sell everything for USD$1000. Almost $2000 value, and hasn’t been used. You pay for shipping - will ship anywhere for you, just need Paypal to clear in advance. Whatever paypal charges, I will add to the bill, so I get $1000 clear. Will send photos of everything if you PM me.

I’m interested in the offer.
Where are they located?
By which company could you send the equipment?
You could send me photos to

What is your location are you in Australia?

hi David is the still available?

Your proposal is still available …

prob not by now. I asked right after, and no response. That was a deal, and with the proven problem-free Edison chip based units.

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