For sale - 2 Complete Reach RTK Kits!

I have 2 complete Reach RTK Kit available to sell. We bought two complete kits, had great intentions on getting them up and running, and seem to keep running out of time to set them up. I don’t see having much time for me to use them in the near future, so was looking to sell them to someone who could.

They are full kits, and have never really been used other than updating firmware, and basic testing for GNSS status. I have never used them in the field or on a UAS, so they are essentially brand new.

I am based in Canada, and looking to sell the kits separate or both sets together. I will be putting on Ebay as well for the transaction.

I am willing to part with them for $550 Canadian ($410 USD) per each full kit. Buyer would have to cover shipping costs as well as duties, taxes, and customs fees (for sale to US).

Contact me at or on the forum here.

Hey Kevin. - Its Kevin Nemrava - long time no talk.

I am looking to try out the reach RS relievers, you don’t have your hands on those by any chance do you ?

Hey Kevin, great to hear from you. Too bad, I actually sold and shipped both sets this morning!

Take care.