Fly controller

I have a question before buying the navio2.

I would like to program with a Raspberry Pi on a fpv drone ready to fly
“Eachine Wizard X220S FPV Racer RC Drone Omnibus F4 5.8G 40CH 30A Dshot600 800TVL Flysky FS-i6X RTF - Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle)”
the drone already has a fly controller.
Do I need a navio2 ?
Is it possible to connect a Raspberry Pi to the fly controller of an fpv drone as mine?

The Emlid flight controllers are far to heavy for this copter. You might be able to add a Raspberry pi Zero and flash Arducopter on the Omnibus F4. But than you need to add a GPS module.

Why do you want to do that?

I would like to save the flight parameters during a fpv race, analyze the data and have the same flight done by an autonomous drone which will have to improve the same flight to obtain the most optimal flight.

This is not going to work.
You underestimate how good a human brain is in pathplanning, image recognition and reaction time. Things a human can do with a bit of training, are impossible for robots. In a FPV race things happen so fast, no autonomous drone will be able to replicate that. There is no onboard position sensor precise or fast enough to record the flightpath or enable the autonomous drone to fly the same path afterwards at full speed. I also doubt the sampling rate of the telemetry data is high enough to record every movement of the drone during the flight.
Most things autonomous drones do happen at slow speeds or wide open areas for a reason.

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Hi Jimmy,

I agree with others. Raspberry Pi and Navio2, probably, may not suit you well in your goal.

Navio2’s mostly for use in custom projects. For your case, its use could create additional limitations for the drone.

Intresting ! thank you


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