Flow360: point update time

Hi all,
Quick question about flow360.

When staking points out, I’m tagging the ones completed by adding an “x” at the end of their name. It is not ideal, but take it as a workaround to the fact there is no alternative way to tag them or highlight them visually.

Is there a timestamp associated to point updates? I know there is one that shows import time but using it won’t solve the use case (ie. listing all points updated between the 7th and 8th of march).

I can live with an “export” option but also a way of accessing it via REST API.


Hi Fernando,

A point update isn’t recorded as a timestamp in Emlid Flow. As a tip for your workaround: you can add time of update to the point’s name. It may seem a time-consuming, but it’s the single one I see here.

Do I get it right that you want to check the stakeout timestamp? Could you please elaborate on why it’s important for your project?

Hi Kirill,
Some more details. Having an “update time” (different from the creation or import time) per point is helpfull when:

  • You want to keep track of the points you already visited and processed on the field. Changing the name is the option I’m following now, but it is not ideal: it is just a workaround that will prevent using the name of the point in further processing
  • Using the new timestamp will also provide a very usefull track of time, both for internal purposes and to provide proof of work with our clients.

In essence, it is just a way of doing time annotations on the field. Does it make sense?


Hi Fernando,

Yes, it does. Your suggestions are clear to me. Can collecting points in the Stakeout mode suit your workflow?

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