Flow very slow or unresponsive over bluetooth BLE

I am currently running version 30.1 (i had to update through the desktop app, because it wouldn’t prompt to update from version 29 though the app).

I am testing out Bluetooth BLE for use in the field since using 3G with a sim card is working very poorly (Emlid say everything is working fine with the sim)

However, i have notice the app to be very slow to respond. For example if i go to “Base output” and select any of the settings, i get the spinning wheel for over a minute (1m17s when i timed it) before the setting is applied.

This is the similar for “base settings” and other windows. Through testing and trying to replicate it, it seems the delay is not consistent. In some instances where it does finally load, everything is greyed out.

I am using an iPhone 11, and have tried forgetting the device from my phone, uninstall and reinstalling the app, making sure Wi-Fi is off. I am inside, with the RS2 about 0.5m away. This doesn’t happen when using Wi-Fi.

System report available, whilst trying to use Bluetooth, then connecting to Wi-Fi to be able to access the report.

Hi @Brocxen,

Can you please specify whether you’re working with the latest version of Emlid Flow? Do you have another mobile device to test the connection via BLE with Reach? It’d be useful to understand if the same behavior repeats with different devices.

I’ve received your Full system report over email, thank you!

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I assume I am using the latest version, as part of my troubleshooting was to uninstall and reinstall the app. Upon checking, I am using version 8.4.

Today I will try on an ipad and if I can a Samsung galaxy active s2 tablet.

Similar behaviuor on an ipad. I am unable to test it on my Samsung active tablet 2 as i am unable to connect via bluetooth and get a “connection was lost” error. It seems that other people have reported this issue on the tablet before.

Hi @Brocxen,

I see, thanks for testing this.

I’ll talk to the developers and we’ll see what the issue might be.

Hi @Brocxen,

We have checked the report from the receiver. But it doesn’t contain much into since the device was reflashed so there are only fresh records. So we couldn’t find out the reasons for the BLE difficulties. Can you please generate the new report right after the same behavior repeats? Also, can you please record a screencast showing the slowed-down behavior of Emlid Flow? It’d be helpful for us.

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