Flow is bringing in Elevation as Ellipsoid instead of Orhtometric

For the CRS Alabama West (nad83 2011) and setting the project as Geoid18. When you import a CSV file with elevation values, it will assign those values as ELLIPSOID and then add the geoid height to them. When it should bring them in as Orhtometric (geoid) height and subtract the geoid height (… add the negative number) to come up with the ellipsoid height. It does not do this for Mississippi West so I have not idea why it is doing this for Alabama West. Can you please provide a solution to fixing this?

Hey Tim!

Thanks for the report. Could you please provide some additional info, so we can investigate the issue:

  • Does this problem happen on iOS, Android, or web versions?
  • What version of the mobile app do you use?
  • What CS exactly do you use? There might be confusion between “legacy”
    and non-legacy CSs if comparing just by name, so screenshots of your project setup will help.
  • Are you importing local coordinates (eg. in meters or feet) or global (in degrees)?
  • An example of a CSV you import would be really helpful as well.
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