Float with good signals and fix with bad ones

So i think this is something many of us struggles with, specially float.
I`ve been using reach alot lately and many times wonder what the h… is going on.
I could stand in the midle of no where, absolutly no clouds, obstacles and great signals and float allllll the way. And get fix down between buildings another time with same setting. How?
DOP i guess, almost 100% surten it has do do with the satellites geometry. It doesnt matter how many balls you got up there if they are chunked together or placed in the wrong order. Or how funny it is when you get lucky and they all line up perfectly so you can get that fix between those buildings…

Logs from satmaps showing bad dop values confirm my experience i had the other day, i also saw that i probably could get fix later when the geometry had changed.
My setting this time was singel rover with ntrip correction from a baseline about 5km away. So no post work. Only rtk stake out survey.

Please correct me if my assumptions is going in the wrong direction :smiley:

i can also confirm this.