Float status with RS2+/RS setup


I’m using a setup of RS2+ and RS+ as a base and rover respectively, and 6dbi external antennas, most of the time I get float status for a baseline that doesn’t exceed 1km in rural areas.

is the reason for the incompatibility between rs2 and rs
is a better solution is to upgrade rover to rs2 or use external radio


Hi Abubaker,

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Reach RS2+ can work as a base for the Reach RS+ rover. However, such a setup won’t give you the benefits of working with multi-band receivers. Reach RS+ uses L1 signals only. So your setup works pretty much the same as just 2 Reach RS+.

The FLOAT solution status means that the rover is receiving the corrections well. So the issue seems to be related to the environmental conditions in the first place.

Do the receivers have good satellite visibility? Reach RS+ requires a sky view like in an open field to calculate centimeter-accurate coordinates. If you’re working in more challenging conditions (urban areas, under rare foliage), it’s better to upgrade the rover to multi-band Reach RS2+.

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