Float results, not within stated accuracy?

I have two Reach RS+. latest version of Reachview.

I recently did a survey of about 30 different spots in a country road area, some trees along the road but not too bad really. I set up my first RS+ as a base and the second as a rover. It was connected by wifi to a high speed fiber connection. I set the first base at a known position. I was able to get a fix on the rover to the base. I used TCP connection. I then drove out away a couple miles. I used the built-in Survey tool in the Emlid Reach app. Of the 30 points I collected, only two had a fix but the all the others said “Float” when I took the survey point. When I took the point, it always had an accurancy of 0.5 meters or better (which I was willing to accept).

I downloaded the geojson file and imported it into my GIS system. I was disappointed. The points were way off on the map (I’d say like 15-50ft). Pretty sure I had the projection correct and all that.

I would be happy to share the contents of the geojson. What am I doing wrong?

all the points were off? maybe you put in the wrong base coordinates?

Hi Ryan,

Would you mind sharing your survey data with us so that we could look into them? The following files would be of help:

  • Raw data files form both base and rover
  • Position log from the rover
  • Base correction log from the rover
  • Survey project with the points from the rover


I also have a couple of comments on your difficulties.

The accuracy of the float solution is indeed sub-meter so that it’s a normal situation to get such results for the points collected in Float. For precise positioning, I’d recommend sticking with the fix solution and high AR data ratio.

Reach RS+ receivers require a clear sky view for the best performance as they are single-band. Any obstacles blocking the sky view may impact the raw data quality and, therefore, the solution.

We can provide you with a more detailed analysis of the data if you share the files I asked above.

Is there a URL you can send me that has instructions on how to obtain these log files? I do have the survey project file but I’m not sure how to go about getting the other files for you.

This is the geojson export from the survey project on the Rover.

36th-GeoJSON.zip (2.3 KB)

Hi Ryan,

Sure, you can follow this guide to get the files.

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