Float only. No fix

Hi all.

I am trying to get a ‘fixed: Q=1’ solution using my PPK system. I am getting ‘float: Q=2’ only.
I attached base and rover ubx files below.

Here is my base sat vis tab.

Here is my rover sat vis tab.

(Forum is not letting me upload ubx files since I am a new member. I don’t know what it takes for me to have the access)

I didn’t get any fix in my flights. So I collected both rover and base logs with both the antennas at rest hoping it would give fix. But it didn’t. Can someone please help me with debugging steps?

You use a file transfer service like wetransfer to make the files available. Would love to take a look.

Hi wizprod.
Thanks a tonne for responding. You can find my files at the following drive link.

Please guide me to fix my problem. I am getting all floats. Not even one fix. :open_mouth:

You only have 30-ish seconds of observation time in the file. Is that on purpose?

yes. It is on purpose. Since I couldn’t get ‘fixes’ on flight, I did a ground test.
The test was to keep the rover also stationary along with base seperated by about 10 meters and trigger camera images manually. I triggered about 50 images to log 50 locations. If ppk processing works, my ideal ground tracking of 50 images should fall within 2 to 3 cms. But since I am not getting fixes, the test fails.

Are you using M2 or M+?

I am using the single band GPK system.

I would advice to collect at least 15 mins of continuous data to ensure a fixed solution on L1-only. When processing, use the “Combined” processing option.

hi @wizprod. I been sick. Sorry for responding late.

When you say ‘15 mins of continous data’ what exactly do you mean?
I should trigger image events at regular intervals for 15 mins. (or) 15 mins of base station logging. (or) 15 minutes of idle state for rover after powered on before I trigger images

I think @wizprod meant you need to collect 15 minutes of data (for base and rover) in order to resolve ambiguities and get a ‘Fix’ solution.
I don’t know the/your typical workflow, but as long as your solution stays ‘fixed’, you can take as many pictures as you want.
If it’s all done through post-processing, you need the 15 minutes of data (or longer) before the flight, so RTKLib could get to a fix solution for gps-times before you start your flight. (correct me if I’m wrong)

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I’ll try that, check the results and post the logs.
Thanks @abertier :slight_smile:

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