Flip FPV Rebuild with NAVIO2/PI3

List of components

FLIP FPV Frame with XL Arms
30a little Bee ESC
FM4006-13 740kv motors
Tarot servo retracts
PI Module Camera ( not purchased )
Alfa AWUS036NEH 802.11n WIRELESS-N USB adapter 1w Wi-Fi
Custom Built Ubantu PC for steaming and ssh to RPI3
Laptop running Mission Planner/ controlling with XBox One controller
500mW 3DR Radio For Telemetry to Mission Planner
9xr pro Radio for backup and special controling
NanoStationM2 for wifi streaming ground station

Just getting started here is some pic


Nice! Did you test Alfa with NanoStation before? What range do you expect to achieve?

Not tested with tested with Alfa, But I use Nanosation in real world applications and been getting up to 2 miles los good communication using 1 Nanostation stationary and 1 in move truck sending gps cords and data back to station. If I get 1/2 mile with Alfa I will be happy for now…just starting to test.

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Ok a little more the RPI case came from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1329250
Anti-vibration mount
I used foam ear plugs ( still waiting on Hobbyking shipment… go figure lol ) for vibration balls.
Pre install pics of anti-vibration mount.
sorry for got to get pics of case.

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@Texzin Please, keep us updated. Good on you!


Thanks for asking ! At the moment I’m waiting on a few more parts to arrive. I am also working how the pi camera will fit in frame. I would like for the camera to see what the gopro see’s. I think, still searching for ideas.

as an idea, find a camera with hdmi HD output instead of yr 2 cams (gopro and native camera).
Further, compress HD flow thru on a hardware h.264 encoder like:

I made a little move progress on build.

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More pics


Found at the post office today.

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Is it the latest RPi camera? Does it work well?

Andrew it is new version. I have not tested, I am waiting on lens and m12 housing that I ordered. I am also going to print a housing to hold lens,holder with camera to put in gimbal. Hoping it will work, trying to get away from GoPro.

Got some wiring done today


I like your concise wiring.

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