Flight programming

My current project involves autonomous flight and I have a series of tasks that I would like my drone to take based on readings it will receive from a wireless uart device connected to a private network.

In order to save some work, though, I don’t want to have to program the whole behavior of the system. My initial thoughts were to modify/add functions from/to the original ardupilot system I currently have installed on my navio2. Do I have access to the Ardupilot code? What language is it written in? Is that as simple as I make it sound? hahaha


Navio is supported by the mainline Ardupilot, so you can use the code from their repository:

It’s written in C++ and the code is very clear, but of course you need to understand what you’re doing there.

Thanks for the reply!

I’ll check the repository first thing today :slight_smile: