Flashing Reach

Initial REACH setup did not successfully finish and am unable to determine IP address of REACH unit. Neither reach.local or the default IP address work. Trying to reflash the unit to start again and using Windows Intel Phone Flash Tool Lite and it reaches 38% and stops with the following message

12/25/15 09:23:31.187 ERROR : [Port 0/1/5] Command "C:\Program Files\Intel\Phone Flash Tool Lite\dfu-util.exe" "--alt" "u-boot0" "-D" "G:\Reachimage\reach_image\u-boot-edison.bin" "-t" "4096" "-d" "8087:0a99" failed

I have tried several possible solutions but so far nothing works.


This seems to be not an issue any more since you have reported that you were able to flash it?