Flashing green light

I am using NAVIO2 with RPI 4, With missio planner. I keep getting this error message; " Flashing green : Disarmed (ready to arm), GPS lock acquired. Quick double tone when disarming from the armed state.

Fast Flashing green : Same as above but GPS is using SBAS (so should have better position estimate)."

I have calibrated my compass several times but still can’t get a solid green light.

On the map provided by the software, it clearly shows my location and every time I move the drone, it’s shows that too. But it won’t let me fly the drone.

Please, help me!

No link with compass, only GPS lock.

You are ready to fly, when arming motors, Light will go Solid green…

Thank you for replying back. I’m still lost. I’ve followed every step. Am I missing something? What am I doing or not doing right?

Hi Joseph,

LED flashing green means that the vehicle is disarmed but ready-to-arm in all modes, as Marc has mentioned. This status indicates the vehicle has a good position estimate. You can check Arming the motors guide on Ardupilot’s docs section for more detail.

thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it.

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