Flashing first version of reach

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I bought the first version of reach in the Indigogo campaign.
Now I want to flash it with the new version, is that possible at all? Or which version can I update then? And I cannot find the flash button as described in the docs since here is no case only the reach hardware?

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If your Reach has ReachView version 0.4.9 it is necessary to reflash it with new firmware image in order to receive updates and support.

Follow this guide

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Hi tb_rtk,

Thank you for responding. I already tried this link but I don’t find any reset button as described in the docs on my reach since I have the first shipments from indigogo and don’t know if they are still up to date or whether I need a new hardware.


There is no reset button to press when flashing Reach. Only a usb cable from computer to reach is needed.

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