Fixing or replacing antenna (Tallysman TW4721)

I have two Reach M+-es and two Tallysman TW4721 antennas, I purchased all of them from Emlid a few years ago. They are used for agricultural machinery guidance, one M+ is used as a base and the other as a rover.
Now the rover’s antenna is malfunctioning. It started with an accident which got the MCX plug ripped off from the end of the antenna’s cable, after that it got soldered back together and it worked for a few days (although it was only lightly used), then it stopped working altogether (it didn’t see any satellite).
Then its electrical resistance got measured with a multimeter resulting in a 0 kΩ value, both with the cable intact and the cable cut as short as possible, so it must be a short circuit inside the housing. The other working antenna measured at approximately 1.1 kΩ.
Is it possible/worth to open the housing of the antenna and repair it, if it is then how can I do so?
Or am I better off just replacing it, in that case can you recommend a replacement antenna for consideration other than the TW4721, but similarly or lower priced which works well with the M+, so I can compare their price, availability, etc.? The use case for the antenna is agricultural, so it must be capable of withstanding the Central European weather, dust/dirt, rain and the sun’s heat.

Thank you!

Hi Lloyd,

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We don’t recommend any manual interventions and self-repairing since we can’t guarantee proper device operation afterward.

In your case, it’s better to replace it with the new one. We recommend the same Tallysman GNSS antenna. You can purchase it directly from our store, but I suppose the shipping costs will be higher than the antenna’s price itself. Otherwise, feel free to contact our dealers that may have this antenna in stock.

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Hi Kirill! Thank you for your answer!

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