Fixed rtk problems Rs2 multiconstellation

Good morning, I have tried to work with all the constellations and I can not because rs2 remains floating. Fixes rtk but loses it very easily and takes time to recover. I’m only working with GPS and Glonass because it’s the only stable one.Connection is good, clear area, short baseline…, I have more partners with the same problem.


It is necessary to provide following information so we can investigate on your issue:

  1. Firmware image and ReachView version.
  2. System report.
  3. Detailed problem description. How does observed behavior differ from the expected one?
  4. Your step by step actions.
  5. Picture of the setup and connection scheme.
  6. If using any additional hardware please provide exact make and model.

I rented a GPS based on ublox gnss. I have put them together connected to the same router, same base and rs2 not fixed with multiconstellation and the other fixed receiver without problems and does not lose it. Rs2 has problems fixing rtk and loses it very quickly. It has the latest default configuration update according to your manuals. Something is happening that prevents rs2 from fixing rtk and keeping it.

What RTK GNSS base is that? What RTCM messages you send to rover and what link you use?

What RTK GNSS rover is that?

Please post system report from RS2 so we can see you configuration.

Base msm5 Ign, España dist 5km

El rover es un receptor casero basado en ublox gnss

Could you please post the link to this receiver?

There is no link yet, but the important thing is that before doing this test I was already noticing that I with my rs2 had to fix rtk with multicontelacion. I was waiting for the update and the problem continues.

It’s rather difficult to say what’s going wrong with your setup without details I’m asking above.

It seems to me Reach is not receiving the required corrections from your base, therefore it can’t get fix.

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The base seems to send all the sufficient information since the other receiver if it manages to fix without problems. And as I have told you before, I have been observing the same problem connecting to different bases with multicontelacion. I read in the forum that someone else had this problem.

To me the same thing happens to me. When connecting to a multi-constellation base, CRDB MMS5 (link The rs2 does not work correctly. When I use only GPS and GLONASS, CRDB13 works fine.

Do 1 of You have another RS2 to try with as a base?

Also, can 1 of You log an hours worth of .UBX from the RS2 and at the same to log the corrections coming from the NTRIP provider?
It would be interesting to see if it will postprocess to a fixed solution, now that is doesn’t seem to work for You in RTK.

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Good morning, I would like to know what information these multiconstellation bases are missing so that rs2 can work with all GPS networks activated.

They don’t say on their webpage, as far as I can see, with my nonexistent Spanish skills.

However, if I understand correctly they do provide rinex for ppk. Do these work with your RS?

Good evening, I’ve been wandering around my urbanization at night like a madman testing the equipment with the latest update because I don’t know what they modified but this has improved substantially. It’s great in a clear area, even if you move it from side to side quickly. Next to buildings and trees has improved a lot and now fixes on places that previously did not. It is very close to go perfect. I will continue to try and tell you. Good work and thank you.


It is certain that this new update has made better use with multi-constellation. But there is no place on the forum where it is said to improve or correct this new version 2.20.7

There were no changes in RTK engine in the latest firmware

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Some change that improves processing speed? I’ll try it more

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