Fixed but with high pdop

im experiencing fixed positioning but with high PDOP. survce cannot accept and store it. is it a reliable reading?

Just adjustt the acceptance criteria

Sometimes I find I have to restart both my base and rover. Also make sure you have the correct satellite constellations selected for your region. If you select ones that you do not need, you can get high PDOP readings.

I have seen this happen where PDOP keeps soaring fast over 200, 400 PDOP, but just reset the receivers, make sure correct sat const. And got low PDOP under 3 again. v2.16.2 ReachView.

You shouldn’t have to increase your acceptance criteria for FIX at such a high PDOP.

adjusting the tolerance for pdop? pdop is showing 400, 200, etc.

is pdop had any effect on gnss nowadays? thanks…

Hm, If you get a fix out of 200-400 pdop, then the solution is likely false, and should not be trusted.
High PDOP for RTK are like 3 or 4, so yours are above extreme.


Please post logs and system reports from base and rover so we can check why you PDOP is so high.

Try what I mention above. I have no idea, but sometimes I get CRAZY high soaring non-stop PDOP from 0 soaring to like 400 until I reset. Then worked.

Couldn’t that be the missing sat problem ?

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