FIX status but no results

It’s the first time I’m experiencing this kind of incident, please solve this problem … :pray:

at the end of the process, does not display any results

Raw Data :

Hi @echoxs,

I can see that you’ve chosen the Static method of processing. As your data is not static, you’re not getting any results with it. If you change the processing mode to Kinematic, you’ll see the pos file correctly.


I’ve checked it with your data :sunglasses: With the default settings, it’s 34.4% of Fix.

yes… i do want to get single coordinates for measuring Reference Peg…

It’s been done several times, only this one, once the process is finished, it doesn’t show results like other points I’ve done

Here’s another example of a point done to get the desired result:

Hi @echoxs,

I see! I should have realized sooner that the data is indeed Static.

What’s happening here is that the log contains movement. It can be as if you started logging while still walking to the point.

Usually, cutting the first minute of the log helps. This way, you get rid of additional movement and leave only the static part. In your case, I’ve cut the log to start from 09:45 AM GPST. It helped me to process your data in Static:

Please check out if it works for you! I can share the cut log with you in PM :slight_smile:

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