Fishbonne PM, reverse polarity

I am a bit confused. I have a power module (Fishbonne) that was provided to me by Emlid together with a Navio+. I never used it before, but today I started to build another rover with a Navio2. I took a standard 1 to 1, 6pin power module cable from a pixhawk and was surprised to see, that the polarity is actually reversed. Initially I thought, I had done something wrong, but every other power module (sadly, they are all broken somehow) I have, has the right polarity with a 1 to 1 cable.
Luckily I noticed this, before actually powering the Navio2 with it. I never read a note about this anywhere in the docs or on the forum.

I have the answer for your confusion :slight_smile:
FIshbonne uses Molex connector and its onboard port has the alignment pins on the bottom, while DF13 port has them on top of the port. That’s how a straight cable gets reversed - by plugging the connector upside down on the Fishbonne PM power port (red wire ends up on the right when you look at the connector from front and top).